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Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and texts with graphic designers. Get a custom logo design in just 2 hours on Zoom! My Zoom logo design sessions let you collaborate with our designer in real time and get the perfect logo for your brand.

Pricing: $425 or $75 biweekly for 6 weeks (1 – 4 logos within an 2 hour Zoom call). 

Click here to see an example on how many logos can be made within a 2 hour zoom call. 

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Review & Sign Logo Agreement

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Common questions

During our 2-hour Zoom Call Logo session, the goal is to complete as much as we can within this timeframe. This typically includes one logo, but depending on the complexity and the flow of our session, it's possible to achieve more. The most I've completed in a 2-hour session is four logos, encompassing a wordmark, lettermark, combination mark, and a watermark. While creating more than one logo in this period is rare, it's definitely within the realm of possibility!

⏰ Lightning-Fast Timeline:

  • Your logo completed within 2 hours
  • Final files delivered within 24-48 business hours

You don't need to have a fully formed vision in order to embark on the logo creation journey. However, having a clear understanding of your brand identity and knowing your target audience is crucial. By knowing who you are and who you're trying to reach, we can work together to create a logo that effectively communicates your brand's essence and resonates with your desired audience. So, even if you don't have a fully defined vision yet, rest assured that I'll guide you through the process to uncover and capture the essence of your brand.

Whether you're a new business owner, an established entrepreneur, or an individual looking to enhance their personal brand, the Virtual Logo Design process is designed to cater to your unique needs. By collaborating through Zoom calls, we'll work together to create a logo that truly represents your brand and resonates with your target audience. So, rest assured, this process is tailor-made to help you achieve logo success!

The Virtual Logo Design process offers several advantages that set it apart from traditional logo creation methods. Firstly, the real-time collaboration during Zoom calls allows for instant feedback and ensures that your vision is captured accurately. This eliminates the back-and-forth emails and revisions, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process. Additionally, the convenience of joining the logo creation journey from anywhere saves you time and eliminates the need for in-person meetings. With the Virtual Logo Design approach, you'll experience a faster turnaround time and a more personalized touch, making it a superior choice for bringing your logo to life.

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The Benefits

Collaborate in real-time

You can work together with your designer to create a logo that fits your vision perfectly, with instant feedback and suggestions during the Zoom call.

Get your logo faster

By using a Zoom call, you can save time on the logo design process by getting instant feedback and making changes on the spot, so you can have your custom logo in a shorter amount of time.

Reduce the need for revisions

By providing real-time feedback during the Zoom call, you can help your designer create a logo that meets your needs and vision from the get-go, reducing the need for lengthy email exchanges and revisions.

Save money on the design process

By reducing the amount of back-and-forth communication needed, you can save time and money on the logo design process, making it more cost-effective for both you and your designer.

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I've been crafting exceptional logos for over 8 years. Now, I'm excited to share my Virtual Logo Design service with you. Take a step towards logo brilliance and click below to view pricing and learn more. Click on the link to have me send you all the info you need via email and text as a friendly reminder.

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